Sunday 28 June 2015

Development of free PBS resources - progress so far

Well it’s just over a month since our last blog and the PBS Competence Framework was published.  We have had a great deal of interest from people, with 3781 page views of our blog and 25 endorsements of the framework from a range of organisations. Thank you.

We know some NHS and local government organisations are having problems with downloading the document because of IT firewalls. If this relates to you, please email us at and we will email you a copy. We are hoping to address this problem for future resources.

#pbschat discussed the framework on Wednesday 24th June, and this also generated lots of ideas and ways of making this resource more user friendly. We need as many people as possible working towards a shared goal of good quality PBS in the UK.  There is so much to do.

We are very aware that the framework is large, and a bit overwhelming. From the outset we decided to make sure everything was in there and then to go about making it accessible for different target audiences. Phase 2 of this project is doing just that – looking at developing resources which will help people be able to use the competence framework to provide, buy, commission and request good quality PBS.

We have organised 5 workshops for different target groups in June and July, which include service providers, people with learning disabilities, parents/
carers, direct support staff and commissioners. The first working group (Service Providers) met on 24th June in London. We had a very productive and useful meeting. We looked at what is currently available to help services provide “good” PBS. There is loads of guidance about this but the group felt there was so much that it was easy to become overwhelmed. We have agreed to develop a resource which we think will help service providers make sense of all this as well as follow the competence framework. Alison and Louise are tasked with writing this with help from the group and hope this will be available from our BlogSpot at the end of October. Watch this space!

One down and four workshops to go! The next group on Monday will be looking at resources for people with learning disabilities. We will keep you posted of developments.

In the meantime if you know of any resources which you think would be helpful in putting the PBS Competence Framework into practice, then we would really like to hear from you. Please contact us at


  1. Thanks for the update - the #pbschat was "storified" by @marianne1979 & added to our Facebook here looking forward to further updates :)

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